nATFEST 2018

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds" - Marcus Garvey

Directed by Kapila Palihawadana, nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka's "Slavery" depicts in 55 minutes the suffering, pain and anguish felt by anyone who has experienced slavery of any form. The dancers convey the concept with a combination of aesthetic grace and contextual depth in such an awe inspiringly poignant manner that during the 55 minutes they make the audiences pensive causing them think about how in the past human beings enslaved their fellow human beings, the debilitating effects of which can be felt to date.

Historically, slavery was considered the condition in which individuals were owned by others who controlled where they lived and at what they worked. Slavery has existed in one form or another through recorded human history and it is believed that slavery began before written history in many cultures. Even through slavery is now illegal in all countries it is prevalent in other forms and many are still subject to various forms of modern slavery. This exists in forms such as human trafficking, forced labour, and forced marriage. Slavery doesn't only take such an obvious form. For many people, slavery is the feeling of having their freedom taken away and that their life and life choices are not their own. Becoming but a slave to their career, gender, society or even their own selves.


  1. Kapila Palihawadana (Director and Choreographer),
  2. Malith Upendra,
  3. Dakshika Bandara,
  4. Kalani Sachithra,
  5. Chris Wheter,
  6. Narmada Nikethani,
  7. Jeewaka Randeepa, and
  8. Dumidu Hashan