nATFEST is Sri Lanka’s first and only international contemporary dance festival, and is curated by Kapila Palihawadana and organized by nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka. nATANDA is a non-profit organization which is situated in Colombo that is passionate about dance and bringing harmony to the country. nATFEST brings contemporary dance theatre to the fore, bringing Sri Lanka to the platform for contemporary dance in Asia.

The objective of this festival is to bring together a diverse set of artists from international and local dance companies to perform on one stage to encourage respect, trust and dance under one unifying theme “Dance for Reconciliation”.

nATFEST aims to bring different cultures together, enhancing tourism, highlighting dance and entertainment together with our rich traditions in the art and the history of this country. nATFEST focuses on dance and reconciliation bridging differences in our own country and cutting across boundaries of ethnicity, disability and ego.

nATFEST is not only about stage presence and performances, but it is also about sharing the arts and cultures that hold dear to each artist. In 2015, the international artists conducted workshops throughout the course of the festival during the day that benefited 150 young dancers who participated in this training program gaining valuable exposure to the style and technique of contemporary dance.

In a country where internal conflict was predominant for thirty years, the arts play an important role in speaking the unspeakable through a language that voices out through physical movements. Dance in itself is a language that speaks to souls, not just ears. Which is why the arts play an important role in the human evolution; the evolution of reconciliation within one self and fellow countrymen. This was what was clearly seen at all the conducted nATFEST workshops.

nATFEST is all about dreams, passions, and reconciliation(s). Do come along and “Dance for Reconciliation” with us. This program is open to the public.

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